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MBI Awards of Distinction 2013

We are proud to share the news of 3 Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute. This year Modular Genius received the following recognition at the MBI Annual Convention:

1st Place – Relocatable Single-Wide – Glacier Bay, AK
Honorable Mention – Commercial Housing – Donley Fire House 2 Story
Honorable Mention – Education – Evergreen Elementary

The commitment and dedication we receive from our clients, architects, manufacturers, and so many others make these buildings possible. We look forward to another year providing high quality modular building projects, on time and on budget.


GLBA Modular Offices

NBM – Green Schools Exhibit

Opening on March 3, 2013 and running through January 5, 2014 the National Building Museum in Washington DC will hold an exhibition on Green Schools. Modular Genius was proud to be a partner with Hord Coplan Macht and Barrie School in creating a cross section exhibit of the recently completed Smart Building, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, which will be on display inside the National Building Museum.

Modular Genius has provided an exhibit that will allow visitors to see a comparison in the use of traditional versus green products in modular construction. Modular Genius is proud to present this project and other modular green buildings to public and private customers.

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We look forward to sharing details of this event, and look toward the future with more sustainable solutions for your construction needs. Contact us at 888-420-1113 for more information.

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Modular Genius announces the beginning of a new “Green” sustainable project

Modular Genius announces the beginning of a new “Green” Sustainable Learning Studio & Research Learning Lab project built for Barrie School.

In the fall of 2012, Barrie School, in Silver Springs Maryland, plans to open a brand new state of the art learning facility. This new learning pod was designed to incorporate new and innovative green sustainable components highly recognized by the US Green Building Council. In short, this facility embraces nearly every definition of environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, increased Eco-awareness and healthy interiors.

Built from many reclaimed materials, 20% of the building materials will contain recycled post consumer products, 2.5% of the project cost will utilizes rapidly renewable materials and 50% of the project cost will use Certified Wood. Further promoting healthy interior learning spaces all interior paints and adhesives are non-toxic. With a shared awareness of energy use and comfort, energy and water efficiency are planned to reach extraordinary levels. This is partially achieved though a user centered system but is firmly reinforced through unwavering systems that manage waste water, utilize rainwater cisterns to support moderate irrigation while supplementing non-potable water use. All of which is clearly tracked on the main dash board just inside the entry. But enough about its green components…

Referred to as studios, this adaptable environment easily converts into large group learning spaces, multiple small group collaboration areas and a large town hall lecture room. This is supported by flexible furniture, moveable wall panels that provide smart board use and support acoustic control, ideally located exterior windows that provide optimal interior layout and meaningful student views. All of which has the use technology so integrated into the environment that it’s invisible.

Modular Genius is proud to be a part of this “Innovation in Design” alongside Barrie School, Hord Coplan Macht, and Kramer Consulting. We will keep you updated throughout this exciting project!

Modular Swing Space

A Task Order Contractor working at an US Navy Base was renovating a small building and needed to displace some people from a building.

They contacted Modular Genius to provide a 1,440 sq ft modular to be used as swing space for the project. The design was a 24’ X 60’ in stock building which delivered and installed in 14 days from award to occupancy.

Honorable Mention at MBI Awards

Modular Genius recieved an honorable mention for their Sandy Point State Park permanent facilty. They were honored for the permanent, less then 10,000 sqaure foot building.

This building is located in Annapolis and is used by the State Police as a communications center/building.

Congrats to all the ‘genius’ men and women who helped create this successful project!!


Think Ahead… Think Modular

Even though there may be snow on the ground, and hot chocolate in your hands, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning ahead.

Summer is just around the corner, which usually brings about a need of expansion due to summer camps,  summer schools, or even summer daycare programs.

Modular Genius is just the place to look into. Not only are they great at what they do, but they can accommodate any expansion program and assist in the expansion process itself.

Modular Genius can provide permanent modular needs, or temporary, its all up to your needs.

So once again, if you are going to think ahead, be sure to think Modular.

Modular Genius Awarded Job in Arizona

The United States Customs and Border Protection recently awarded the install of a modular building at Predator ops Center in Arizona, to Modular Genius, Inc. The bid was set aside for a small business, and the award was announced on July 27, 2010.  Modular Genius is excited to continue expanding their horizons, and utilizing their GSA contract to benefit others.

Please visit to review an article written about this bid, and Modular Genius’s

“eco-friendly accelerated construction solution(s)”.