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High School Renovation Swing Space

A Maryland High School was in need of major renovations that would displace students for two years. They needed a large swing space installed before the school year began.

Modular Genius provided a 3 building complex, with 30,000 sqft of classroom space with restrooms, offices, and storage. ADA Aluminum walkways and canopies connected the swing space to the main school building for easy access in all weather. The project was completed in less than 4 months.


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Modular Classroom Building

A Maryland Elementary School, going through a full renovation, was in need of a large temporary swing space to house students and teachers during 3 phases of construction.

Modular Genius installed a 7,260 sqft prefabricated classroom building to lease for the duration of the renovation project. Seven classrooms and one computer lab are connected with an interior hallway to keep students out of the elements.

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Radio Station Trailer

A public radio station on Maryland’s Eastern Shore was in need of transition space during renovations, after which the University location would continue to use for student education.

Modular Genius installed a 56’ x 12’ modular radio trailer on campus including electricity, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and communication. Wooden decks, ramps, and canopies connect the modular to an adjacent building. The project was completed in 60 days.

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Prefabricated Administrative Building

A new jersey school district in need of additional space opted for a prefabricated unit over an expensive addition to the existing building. The modular would house the administrative and guidance offices.

Modular Genius provided over 3,000 sqft of modular office space to alleviate growing pains at the elementary school. Concrete sidewalks and wooden ADA ramps connect the modular to the main building. Open areas, restrooms, child study and registration offices are included in the space.


Interim Modular Library

During renovations and new construction of a library in Washington DC, the library district needed a temporary solution for the community to access all media and events.

Modular Genius provided a 6 unit, 4,260 sqft temporary modular library. The large open floor plan allows for rows of books as well as computer workstations throughout the building. People of all ages will have access to the library with ADA aluminum ramps during the 2 years of renovations.

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Modular Classroom Expansion

With a projected student growth that would exceed the current capacity, this elementary school decided to install a four classroom modular building. This option helped to reduce the budget for expansion by nearly half compared to a 2nd floor addition.

Modular Genius provided a 4,935 sqft refurbished modular classroom building complete with ADA wooden steps and ramps, separate boys and girls restrooms, and equipment space. Construction was completed in less than 60 day from NTP.

Modular Genius is proud to share the Modular Building Institute Building of the week, Barrie School. This “Green” sustainable Learning Studio & Research Learning Lab project was designed to incorporate new and innovative green sustainable components highly recognized by the US Green Building Council. In short, this facility embraces nearly every definition of environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, increased Eco-awareness and healthy interiors.

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Modular Early Childhood Development Center

A New Jersey school district was in need of a permanent modular pre-school building to move students out of the existing elementary schools in order to ease overcrowding and offer early education to a wider range of families.

Modular Genius provided a 19,788 sqft modular building that contained 14 classrooms each with their own restroom, multiple offices, and a teacher lounge. The project was in the planning stages with the state for years, but was installed in less than 7 months after notice to proceed.

Modular Classroom Swing Space

A Maryland elementary school, needing temporary swing space, turned to Modular Genius for fast and efficient construction of two classrooms with aluminum ramps.

Modular Genius provided two 1,730 sqft modular classroom units. The buildings included many “green” upgrades such as low flow toilets, sky lights and sun tunnels.

Renovation Modular Classroom

A growing community college was in need of additional classroom space during a renovation. They had a small piece of land which they could build on, and needed it completed quickly in order to support ongoing classes.

Modular Genius built this temporary space, a 1,495 sq ft modular building. The portable classroom building was installed with metal aluminum steps and ramps. The exterior was an esthetic compliment to the campus. The construction of the modular building and installation was complete in 45 days from award to occupancy.