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Interim Modular Library

During renovations and new construction of a library in Washington DC, the library district needed a temporary solution for the community to access all media and events.

Modular Genius provided a 6 unit, 4,260 sqft temporary modular library. The large open floor plan allows for rows of books as well as computer workstations throughout the building. People of all ages will have access to the library with ADA aluminum ramps during the 2 years of renovations.

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Renovated Modular Retail Building

A small business in Pennsylvania needed a seasonal retail building that met strict fire codes. The budget for the project was limited, but the owner was open to suggestions and various floor plans.

Modular Genius provided a used 24’ x 60’ modular building that was refurbished and configured to retail specifications. Fire protection was critical, alarms and sprinklers were installed to code for safety. The project was completed on time and under budget, in less than 30 days.

Modular Environmental Office and Classroom

Located in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, this dredged material refuge serves as a place of learning as well as an expanding home for local wildlife. A temporary building was needed as offices for workers and a classroom for visitors. Minimal site disturbance and environmental impact was key.

Modular Genius provided a 4,884 sq ft temporary modular building that includes offices, an area for visitors and students, and even holding tanks for turtles that are sent to Maryland schools to raise and release. The prefabricated building will be easily relocated when the restoration project is complete.

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NJI – Modular Office Building

A New Jersey manufacturer needed additional office space to house a quickly growing staff. They required an adjacent space that would blend in to their existing buildings.

Modular Genius provided a new modular office building that was covered in similar hi-ribbed steel siding as their main plant. The interior design was configured to allow for a better managed work flow. This included a reception area for employees to access their documents, open work space, and private offices. The modular project was completed in less than 30 days.

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DTCC – Modular Administration Building

A Delaware college needed to purchase a new swing space to house their administration staff. The building had to be economical but still provide the employees a safe and comfortable work experience.

Modular Genius provided a 2,880 sqft modular administrative building which included aluminum steps, ramps, and canopy. The modular space had a large flexible open work space as well as offices, restrooms, and a break room. The project was completed in 30 days from notice to proceed.

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MES – Temporary Modular Laboratory

To assist the Patapsco Restoration Project, Maryland Environmental Service (MES) requested a temporary laboratory solution that could be moved quickly when the need arises.

Modular Genius provided a 720 sqft modular laboratory building. This poratable building was installed without skirting, allow the building to be moved from its current location in one month without material waste or excessive cost. The project was complete within 60 days from notice to proceed.

Case Study - MES Masonville Lab

Modular Buildings & the Chesapeake

Modular Genius has provided another temporary trailer to assist Maryland Environmental Service in their ongoing Chesapeake Bay Dredging Management and Restoration services. These modular offices work in harmony with the MES mission to provide operational and technical services to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of the people of Maryland. The trailers can be reused and recycled with minimal-to-zero impact on the landscape when they are removed.

Modular Construction has always been a Green Building option, and Modular Genius continues to lead the way by utilizing modular buildings for people who seek an eco-friendly accelerated construction solution to their space needs.

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Field Office Modular Complex

A Large Lake was in need of environmental remediation. The contractor tasked to work on the cleanup needed a very large modular project field office to house all of the engineers.

Modular Genius built and installed the 10,000 sqft modular building.
Pad mounted HVAC units and high end building materials made this home away from home a desirable work environment for the multi-year project.

Wellness Center Modular Clinic

A School District was need of a wellness center for the school. There was a shortage of space inside the school causing a need for a standalone modular building.

Modular Genius worked built the modular healthcare facility that met their specific needs. A 1,440 Sq Ft modular building was built delivered and installed on site in approx. 60 days from contract to completion.

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Modular Building Refurbishment Services

A city Utility company was faced with renovating and refurbishing a modular office building. The work had to be completed under a tight budget and time frame.

Modular Genius installed new siding, new walls, flooring, ceiling and ADA steps and ramp to the 2,180 square feet modular building. The project was completed in 60 days.

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