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2018 World of Modular – Awards of Distinction

With 11 years in business under its belt, Modular Genius brought home more Awards of Distinction wins from the Modular Building Institute – World of Modular Annual Convention & Trade Show! The event, held this year in Florida, drew hundreds of modular construction professionals from across the country and globe.

Modular Genius, with the help of its employees, customers, and contractors won the following categories:

Judges Choice Best of Show & 1st Place – Relocatable Modular Retail or Hospitality
Loyola Bookstore & Mail Center

1st Place – Relocatable Modular Single Wide
The Jean & Sidney Silber Green Education Center

1st Place – Permanent Modular Institutional or Assembly
Livengrin First Responders Addiction Treatment (FRAT) Facility

Honorable Mention – Permanent Modular Healthcare
Livengrin Medical Detox Facility

Honorable Mention – Relocatable Modular Education
Summersville Interim Modular Campus

Now on to another year of award winning construction and service!


Railroad Restroom Modular Building

A railroad was in need of upgrading the restroom facilities for its workers. The building had to be durable, fit on a small part of the property and installed quickly.
Modular Genius built a new 700 Sq Ft modular restroom modular building for the client. The floors and walls were installed with a durable surface for high traffic. Modular Genius provided a installation in 90 days from notice to proceed to occupancy.
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Railroad Locker Room Trailer

A railroad was in need of upgrading the locker room facilities for its workers. The building had to be durable, fit on a small part of the property and installed quickly.

Modular Genius built a new 480 Sq Ft modular locker room building for the client. The floors were installed with durable vinyl tile to insure the surface could be cleaned regularly and would not wear out with traffic. Lockers were installed for the workers. Modular Genius installed the building within 60 days from award to occupancy.

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Relocatable Mineral Sands Laboratory

When complete this Relocatable Modular Mineral Sands facility will process 232t/h of heavy minerals sands feed from the existing tailing deposit and produce a concentrate of zircon and ilmenite. Modular Genius was brought into the project to assist in the design of the labs and install the modules.

The Mineral Sands site is located in a remote part of Florida. Considering the specialized equipment (dust collector and AAON RTU) used in the buildings, construction in such a remote area would have significantly increased the cost of construction on site. Utilizing modular buildings enabled the owner to deploy their resources in a fragment of the time of conventional construction and also reduced the overall cost.

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Shale Oil Modular Office

A Shale Company was in need of an office building to accommodate its rapidly growing business. The newly acquired land was grubbed/cleared and utilities, roads etc. were brought in to service the companies’ operations and to provide jobs to the community.

Modular Genius configured an existing modular building to accommodate the company’s work flow and assist with a positive work environment by creating a clean, well-appointed office building on their new land. A large wrap around deck, complete with an ADA handicap ramp was installed to provide employees a place to relax when not working.

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Modular Sales & Dispatch Office

Growing at a rapid pace, a local family owned and operated concrete supplier required a large updated dispatch office to replace their original dilapidated trailer.

A two story prefabricated sales & dispatch office was installed on site for a total of 2,880 sqft. Several offices, kitchen, and restrooms provide employees with a comfortable work environment. Aluminum steps and ramps were installed for access to the second floor.

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Prefabricated Security Training Facility

A large power company needed to replace an aging training facility with a modern modular building on their secure site. Demolition of the existing building and installation of the new had  to be timed so that there was no downtime for classes.

Modular Genius provided a 3,750 sqft prefabricated L-shaped classroom with ADA aluminum steps and ramp. A secure area for cleaning weapons, along with a dividable classroom, restrooms, offices, and a break room are included in the space.

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2-Story Modular Industrial Office

A North American bituminous material producer needed to expand their Baltimore Office to keep up with growing employee numbers and needs. An existing office building would be remodeled and receive
the modular addition.

Modular Genius constructed a 2-story modular addition, with approximately 1,440 sqft of space. This multi-function building contains restrooms, showers and lockers, an electric instrumental shop, 2
private offices, cubicles, and plenty of storage. An interior corridor connected the modular to the existing building, along with aluminum steps and ramps for access.

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Radio Station Trailer

A public radio station on Maryland’s Eastern Shore was in need of transition space during renovations, after which the University location would continue to use for student education.

Modular Genius installed a 56’ x 12’ modular radio trailer on campus including electricity, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and communication. Wooden decks, ramps, and canopies connect the modular to an adjacent building. The project was completed in 60 days.

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Industrial Facility Modular Office

A industrial manufacturing facility was in need of additional office space to be located within their compound. A variety of spaces were needed inside the building including a breakroom and conference room.

Modular Genius designed and built the modular office space using durable materials that could withstand the test of time in an industrial environment. The project was constructed delivered and installed in 120 days from contract to completion.

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