Modular Set at Summit Hall ES

After a rigorous interview process, Modular Genius was selected to install two (2) eight (8) classroom modular buildings (each approximately 9,500 square foot) at the Summit Hall Elementary School site. These new modular classroom complexes will replace older units currently on the site, greatly improving the learning environment for students and staff.

The first of these units have been set, and we are excited to complete the new complex before the start of school!

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Railroad Restroom Modular Building

A railroad was in need of upgrading the restroom facilities for its workers. The building had to be durable, fit on a small part of the property and installed quickly.
Modular Genius built a new 700 Sq Ft modular restroom modular building for the client. The floors and walls were installed with a durable surface for high traffic. Modular Genius provided a installation in 90 days from notice to proceed to occupancy.
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Railroad Locker Room Trailer

A railroad was in need of upgrading the locker room facilities for its workers. The building had to be durable, fit on a small part of the property and installed quickly.

Modular Genius built a new 480 Sq Ft modular locker room building for the client. The floors were installed with durable vinyl tile to insure the surface could be cleaned regularly and would not wear out with traffic. Lockers were installed for the workers. Modular Genius installed the building within 60 days from award to occupancy.

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Relocatable Mineral Sands Laboratory

When complete this Relocatable Modular Mineral Sands facility will process 232t/h of heavy minerals sands feed from the existing tailing deposit and produce a concentrate of zircon and ilmenite. Modular Genius was brought into the project to assist in the design of the labs and install the modules.

The Mineral Sands site is located in a remote part of Florida. Considering the specialized equipment (dust collector and AAON RTU) used in the buildings, construction in such a remote area would have significantly increased the cost of construction on site. Utilizing modular buildings enabled the owner to deploy their resources in a fragment of the time of conventional construction and also reduced the overall cost.

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Airport Bunk House

A Maryland Government Agency needed to quickly replace an aging airport bunk house. The modular building required comfortable living quarters as well as office space.

Modular Genius furnished and installed a 60’x14’ prefabricated bunk house that included foundations, gutters, wooden decks, and skirting. The building was complete in 45 days.

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NPS – Temporary Professional Facilities

The National Park Service needed to create a restroom/locker room, break area and maintenance office to support its renovation projects located on Liberty Island, NY. The project design was required to use low length units to be transported to the island via barge and then be offloaded by way of beach ramp.

Modular Genius provided two modular structures, with the first being (6) 10’x24’ units and the second being (2) 10’x24’ units. Each unit was precisely sized to meet the barge and offloading shipping requirements. All the buildings were designed to function as both detached and interconnected modular units with shared walls; to give NPS the flexibility to relocate or reconfigure the buildings on site to meet different phases of their renovation project.

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liberty-exterior-1 img_20160825_084835932